Tik Tik Tik – Booom, Official Music Video from V-Sel,The Band

V-Sel.The Band’s Tik Tik Tik Booom Official Video from V-Sel,The Band on Vimeo.


“We stated in 2008 when we won a contest of for AAG TV. We composed this song back in 2013 when there were twin blasts in the city. The concept was ours and the lyrics were written by renowned poetess Sarah Kazmi. This video was released in 2014 and was recorded and produced by Shahi Hassan (ex Vital signs)

The vocals are done by Nauman Vohra and guitars are recorded by Yasir Ejaz.

The drums were recorded in London, UK and the final Mix and master was done in London UK as well.

The songs talks about religious fantaticism and the main message is when there is only god then why is there so much difference.

The video shows men who a forced to conduct bomb blasts for the sake of their family’s safety. It shows when two guys are randomly picked up to conduct these blasts and if they don’t then their daughters life is at stake. Hence they become criminals and start bombings.”
– Nauman Vohra


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